React has become one of the most popular frameworks in web development today. It avoids the need to perform complex DOM manipulation, helps focus development on more advanced implementations, and improves efficiency in user experiences.

Components play an important role in React. They are the building blocks of any React application. They are independent and reusable code. They serve the same purpose as JavaScript functions, but work in isolation and return JSX code as elements for our UI.

Today, I will briefly talk about four different types of React components.

  • Class Component
  • Pure Component
  • Higher Order Component

1. Functional Components


Today, algorithms are a very common topic in the software development industry. It’s a subject that requires deep understanding and problem solving skills. For most people, algorithms probably don’t seem that easy. It takes time and practices to train our brain to be good at it.

How do we improve our problem solving?

Today, security plays an important role in our internet world. Whether we just casually browse on some shopping websites, or sign in to our bank accounts to check balances, site security should always protect our information privacy and prevents data being leaked.

So… how does the website remember us throughout the whole visit journey without kicking us out to the log in page every time when we click to a different path from the same site after we log in? How does the website protect our privacy in our visits? This is where cookies and sessions come in to play…

A topic comparing the single source of truth method in Ruby’s object relationships that applies to real life situations…

Coming from a financial data analyst background, I have learned how important is to keep data consistent and accurate. During my first phase of software engineering immersive at Flatiron School, I learned about a single source of truth in Ruby’s object relationships. This caught my attention immediately. In my opinion, it’s easier to eliminate data discrepancies through a single source of truth when the data scale is not too huge, such as in a local business data. …

Yvonne Chen

Software Engineering Student at Flatiron School

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